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Overseeding with white clover increases the value of pastures

June 8, 2023

Discover the multitude of compelling reasons to sow grass fields with white clover, including reduced reliance on artificial fertilizers, diminished need for concentrate purchases, and the added benefit of increased protein yield. Learn more about the wide range of advantages that await

The value of white clover to farmers came into focus this year with the increasing prices of nitrogen fertiliser. Clover grass adds value in forage grass fields, and farmers save on costs. The clover symbiotically produces its own nitrogen fertilisers and reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers. This saves money and CO2 from transport and fertiliser production. Into the bargain, farmers can harvest more protein and purchase less concentrates, such as rapeseed cakes and soy protein.

Finally with clover grass, fibre digestibility, feed intake and milk production are all guaranteed to increase compared with pure grass. White clover can be established with grass in new fields, but in many older grass fields, little or no white clover is present.

DLF in Ireland had many enquiries on ways to oversow white clover into existing grass swards, and this prompted a owersowing trial on our partner farms. These have shown that with the right technique, clover can easily become established in existing grass fields.


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Published: June 8, 2023

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