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May 24, 2024

Gene could unlock big wheat yields for a growing population - A study from the University of Adelaide has discovered molecular pathways regulated by a gene traditionally used to control wheat-flowering behaviour could be altered to achieve greater yields

Genomic analyses reveal the stepwise domestication and genetic mechanism of curd biogenesis in cauliflower (Nature)

Boa Safra anuncia nova gerência com foco em TSI

Proléobio Centre et Ouest: expansion and challenges for organic oilseeds

Spinaci Syngenta gamma competitiva con resistenza HR alla Peronospora Pe:20

France - La filière lin salue le travail de ses agriculteurs : multiplicateurs et utilisateurs de semences

United Kingdom - Limagrain's LG Skyscraper performs in a range of situations

DA-BAR and IRRI launch online platform for digital ag tools in The Philippines

Unitee Kingdom - Hazera Seeds' team “faces the heat” and develops a groundbreaking selection tool

Computomics blog S1E5 - Data drama: Breeding's behind-the-scenes

Kansas State University's Wheat Quality Lab boosts milling and baking quality of up-and-coming varieties 1,000 grams at a time

Cicer super-pangenome provides insights into species evolution and agronomic trait loci for crop improvement in chickpea (Nature)

Australian trial of gene-edited wheat aims for 10% bigger yields (Reuters)

Better chickpeas possible, harnessing genetic traits of wild cousins

Australia - National UAV phenotyping capability takes off

Infrared imaging heats up - Developing automated, AI-enabled infrared imaging systems for plant phenomics could help researchers detect early signs of plant stress

Canada - New project puts fababeans in the spotlight (The Western Producer)

Expanding the growth and adoption of lupin in Canada

Unlocking the potential of plant genetic resources with genome-wide prediction

Optimizing genetics to advance controlled environment agriculture - Texas A&M AgriLife Research plant breeder brings new dimension to indoor farming innovation

Plant breeder keeps eye on future demands (Farmers Weekly)

American Seed Trade Association commends U.S. Farm Bill momentum

Jamaica - Seed Technology Centre to be established at Bodles Research Station (Loop)

Yield10 Bioscience announces addition of camelina to Interline herbicide label

Sakata participa do Seminário Nacional de Cebola na Bahia

Sakata apresentará novidades para o mercado em eventos neste ano

Sakata Seed Sudamerica, Uma empresa cada vez mais sustentável e responsável

LongPing High-Tech lança concurso com mais 10 milhões em prêmios para recordes de produtividade de milho do Brasil

CoAXium Group clamps down on violators

Protecting the soil while being profitable: Why alfalfa is the perfect continuous cover



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