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April 15, 2021

Blight-resistant Maris Piper potato

Grass and White Clover Recommended List Varieties for Ireland 2021

Syngenta Seeds and the Analytics Society of INFORMS announce winner of 2021 Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics

La filière française de semences de céréales prête pour demain

Mining the mother lode - Search tool uncovering new findings amongst the mountains of data

Denomination of Pe: 18 and 19, two new races of downy mildew in spinach
Benoeming van twee nieuwe officiële fysio’s van valse meeldauw in spinazie
Nomination des Pe: 18 et 19, deux nouvelles races de mildiou en épinard

Denomination of Pe: 18 and 19, two new races of downy mildew in spinach

Betting on drones as smart agricultural tools for pesticide use in farms

Eerste grootschalige aanplant aspergeras Daleza

European Union - Pesticides in food: latest figures published

Deep roots fight spring drought - Researchers have provided new knowledge about root architecture in grasses, and DLF is now able to provide customers with verified guidance, when they ask for the most drought tolerant species and varieties

Zwischenfrüchte: Die richtige Mischung macht’s

María Coca, CSIC researcher at CRAG, passes away - Expert in the study of plant defence responses, she was lately leading projects to produce antimicrobial peptides in plants

Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union - Announcements n◦ 3/2021 and n◦ 4/2021

Commkunity Plant Vareitey Office - Official Gazette 2.2021

France - Colza : comment pallier les difficultés d'implantation?

Two new races of downy mildew denominated in spinach

Bodem en bemesting - blijven aandachtspunten voor netto kilo's

16th year of BASF’s FiberMax One Ton Club celebrates top cotton growers and their families

The next round of Postgraduate Internship Awards at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) is open

Für nachhaltiges Gemüse: Versuchsstation Gemüsebau in den Startlöchern
Pour des légumes durables: la station d’essais Cultures maraîchères dans les starting blocks
Ortaggi sostenibili: al via la stazione sperimentale Orticoltura

Adama provides net income estimate for Q1 2021 - Robust business growth expected to drive higher reported net profit 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises companies regarding inadvertent presence of low levels of certain genetically engineered canola seeds

France - Plateforme d'essais Secure colza : mobiliser les leviers pour relancer la culture (Terre-net)

Protealis veut donner un élan à la culture du soja en Europe (L'Echo)

Syngenta Australia partners with Landcare Australia to help improve on-farm biodiversity

FBSciences announces the addition of 3 new calcium nitrate compatible products to lineup, totaling 6

India - Telangana to increase paddy procurement centres over the next few days to 6,575 from 650 (Telangana Today)

Turkey - Cotton and products, annual report

Nichino America pntroduces a preemergence herbicide for use on vine and nut crops in California



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