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May 29, 2020

Alface Silvana tem as qualidades desejadas por produtores e consumidores

Sakata envia flores aos profissionais da Saúde de Bragança Paulista (SP)

Lives: conectando a Sakata com clientes e parceiros

NewLeaf Symbiotics to host virtual field day on June 1

Agricultores do Ceará cultivam o milho biofortificado BRS 4104

Chile advances in breeding gene-edited crops that weather climate change

Vigor - teste pode auxiliar na escolha de materiais de alta qualidade - Padrões mais rígidos e certificações que atestem a alta qualidade podem ser o caminho para o combate à pirataria

Brasil - Mais de 2 mil toneladas de sementes de soja irregulares são apreendidas em MT - Operação foi feita por auditores fiscais federais agropecuários em Campo Verde (Globo Rural)

Farmers save over 2 billion gallons of water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26.6% in one growing season through Indigo Ag and Anheuser-Busch partnership

Exactus announces its Hemp Seed Buyback Program to assist farmers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Canada - Nuseed ratchets up canola seed competition (Western Producer)

Weeds learn to evade seed control tricks (Farm Weekly)

Sabra's new sesame seed variety will be grown in the U.S. (Food Dive)

India - Punjab Agricultural University denies providing 'source seed' to any pvt company, sold TL seed to farmers only (The Indian Express)

India - Sale of spurious rice seed: Vigilance probe begins against seed store in Ludhiana (Hindustan Times)

Breeding a fungal gene into wheat (Science)

Tunisie - Le ministère de l’Agriculture rassure sur la disponibilité des semences sélectionnées (TN24)

Italia - La scelta varietale e' determinante per fare reddito - Anche nel pomodoro l'innovazione e' garantita (Fresh Plaza)

Colombia - Hay oferta suficiente de semillas para abastecer de alimentos al país: Acosemillas (El Espectador)

Final event of the 2nd International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2020 - webinar 8 June

World Vegetable Center announces that 12 vegetable varieties, including 9 traditional vegetables, have been registered in Cameroon’s official catalog of varieties

SynTech merger partner ACCERES acquires Certis R&D activities in Germany

USA - 2020 Accelerating a Generation Syngenta Scholarship recipients look to the future of agriculture

USA - Syngenta statement on Atrazine Monitoring Program and Atrazine Ecological Exposure Monitoring Program

Syngenta Nederland - Gina - Teeltinfo #4

New selective grass weed control with 'Xtra' benefits, from Syngenta Australia

Strube D&S GmbH Ankündigung: Online-Feldtag zur Zuckerrübe

Spätsaat Mais - Sortenempfehlungen von RAGT Saaten

España - Orden APA/455/2020, de 26 de mayo, por la que se modifican diversas órdenes ministeriales en materia de control y certificación de semillas y otros materiales de reproducción

Laboratoire national des Semences : un rempart contre la mauvaise qualité des semences au Mali (JSTM)





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