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January 25, 2021

Global seed sector joins in celebrating the 2021 International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

Iran receives International Seed Testing Association's accreditation to issue international seed certificates (Financial Tribune)

Growers choose how Seed Genetics Direct stacks up

Government of Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen Canadian Food Inspection Agenc

Developing new cotton varieties for better climate adaptation in Pakistan - The new varieties developed now account for 40 percent of all cotton produced, up from just 25 per cent two years ago and from non-existent yield in 2016 (Devdiscourse)

Gene-edited crops are now a reality – but will the public be on board? (The Conversation)

Advancing the cutting edge of agriculture with new crops

‘Global interpretation of how New Breeding Techniques would benefit horticulture’

New variety of paintbrush lily developed by a novel plant tissue culture technique

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences hosts global plant breeding virtual meeting January 28-29

Neonicotinoidbeize - Notfallzulassung: Zwei Drittel der Rübenanbauer tauschen Saatgut aus (Agrar Heute)

This is how green the Netherlands (and the world) can be in 2120

January 22, 2021

España - Jornadas de lechuga mini romana de Vilmorin-Mikado, Bambera y Kuduro

Rust spots stop bean fill

Syngenta Nederland - Presto - Teeltinfo #1 2021

Silomais früh bis mittelfrüh - Die besten Sorten von Saatbau Linz im Überblick

Experienced scientist is new Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia research director (Queensland Country Life)

Pearl millet can withstand climate change chaos better than wheat (AZO Cleantech)

ToBRFV resistant variety gives hope to Israeli tomato growers (HortiDaily)

Sclerotinia resistant genetics for non-GM canola crop (The Western Producer)

Cotton in Pakistan: How nuclear techniques are helping the textile industry

Canada - Zone Agtech and the Ecofuel Accelerator Announce the Creation of an Acceleration Program 100% Dedicated to the Agtech Sector in Collaboration with Bioenterprise Corporation

The Philippines - Local government units urged to enforce proper, truthful labeling in rice

Nunhems Italy nel 2021 incrementa il suo assortimento con nuove referenze valeriana

Neuer IG Pflanzenzucht Gebietsleiter für die Region Nördliches Niedersachsen

Towards sustainable seed systems in Eastern and Southern Africa

Nieuwe tomatenrassen in het Experience Center in Bleiswijk

Faire face à la problématique Insectes dans les lots de semences : le GEVES en action

University of Maryland Associate Professor expands plant genome editing potential with a newly engineered variant of CRISPR-Cas9 - New Nature Plants study introduces SpRY to enable the mutation of nearly any genomic sequence in plants

Spijker je kennis bij tijdens de winter


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