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October 23, 2020

South Africa - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Hong Kong - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Myanmar - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Embrapa lança IX Congresso Brasileiro de Soja e Mercosoja 2021

Brasil - Novos zoneamentos do sorgo granífero e do milheto orientam produção agrícola - O Zarc indica os períodos de menor risco para o plantio. As duas culturas são alternativas para sistemas agrícolas em sucessão

Beyond breeding: the potential of improved postharvest storage techniques for smallholder farmers - Two-year study reveals techniques to strengthen Mexican smallholder farmers’ food security

CIMMYT principal scientist Dave Hodson highlights “major breakthroughs” in rust disease response at the 2020 Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Technical Workshop

Direção Executiva Apasem

U.S. Department of Agriculture has approves Indiana State Hemp Plan for commercially growing and processing hemp

New network project on seed longevity

Genomic regions associated with important seed quality traits in food-grade soybeans (BMC Plant Biology)

Storage bags that reduce post-harvest seed losses (The Hindu)

An environmental story can be spun for GM wheat (The Western Producer)

NexusBioAg launches next generation - Pulse, cereal, and soybean inoculants

Victoria, Australia - Optimistic results from intercropping project

Rencontres techniques de Terres Inovia : des sessions numériques et gratuites

Sumitomo Chemical strengthens its crop protection business for sustainable agriculture

United Kingdom - Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) to modernise 2020 variety data for peas and beans and to launch its first ever Descriptive List for pea and bean varieties

New research sheds light on complex genetic and metabolic traits in plants

India - Aatmanirbhar Bharat needs an Aatmanirbhar seed sector (The Daily Guardian)

Celebrating four decades of collaborative research on groundnut in India

Engineering drought-resistant crops with Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) photosynthesis

Styrk biodiversiteten i land og by

New South Wales, Australia - Chickpea industry bolstered by $30 million investment

First Dutch field trials with exotic insect to combat invasive plant

Two BASF-supported projects aim to support pollinators across North Carolina (WRAL)

Texas A&M AgriLife Research collaboration could be ‘game changer’ for polyploid breeders - Genetics tools to speed hybridization in the works

Argentina OKs genetically modified wheat (The Western Producer)

How artificial intelligence can help remake agriculture and tackle aging labor problem (Pinduoduo)

United Arab Emirates passes new mandatory biotech labeling law



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