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September 21, 2023

Breeding green beans ready for mechanization, pests, and consumer demands

Syngenta Canada launches Vibrance Total seed treatment for pulse crops

Nova forma de translocação de inseticidas: a ambimobilidade

Marca My Sweet Salad é destaque durante a The Brazil Conference & Expo

Jornada da enxertia tem como destaque o porta-enxerto Contrattack

Pacific Seeds prepares for the 16th International Rapeseed Congress

Híbridos das marcas da LongPing High-Tech se destacam com alta produtividade na região Sul

USA - Incentive programs doubled cover crop use by farmers in four Northeast states

Comissão Estadual de Sementes e Mudas é reativada em Mato Grosso do Sul

September 20, 2023

Wat houdt instandhouding van een ras in?

United Kingdom - New approach to regulating precision bred products could unlock investment in crop genetic research and innovation

United Kingdom - County Durham estate finds perfect wheat variety fit for regenerative cropping system

What is biofortification? An innovative Biofortification Hub is launched on Norwich Research Park

CritesSeeds adds vining peas to Elsoms new European business

DSV Champion and Oxford deliver outstanding treated and untreated yields in AHDB Harvest Results

DLF breaks ground on state-of-the-art seed enhancement facility in Oregon

Bilan de campagne fongicides céréales 2022- 2023 : nette progression des fongicides BASF

Combiner les innovations pour des pratiques respectueuses de l'environnement

BASF Vegetable Seeds (marque Nunhems) continue son développement actif high-tech pour les cultures hors-sol

Winterweizen mit 34 % geringeren CO2-Emissionen pro Tonne Ernteertrag geerntet

Gene required for root hair growth, nitrate foraging found in grasses

New North Carolina State university peanut variety extends harvest window for growers (Farm Progress)

Touted as a potential biofuel, safflower has instead left Australian farmers high and dry (ABC)

The cloning of the first genic dominant male sterility gene in rice may revolutionize breeding processes

New resistance gene against maize rough dwarf disease identified in cereal crops (Nature)

AI startup Avalo speeds up the creation of climate-resilient crops (TechCrunch)

IRRI receives Google support to apply AI for climate resilient rice development

Sénégal - Manque de semences à trois mois de la campagne horticole : L’Interprofession oignon au Sénégal affiche ses inquiétudes (Leral)

Nature’s Seed introduces its California Collection, providing landowners access to highly sought-after Californian native species

Agrality expands its presence in the US market with the acquisition of Nebraska Irrigated Seeds



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