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December 8, 2021

Väderstad Proceed : il peut tout semer (Farm Cpnnection)

Developing a roadmap for improved productivity in Mali’s seed sector

Variety testing: Independent trials at the University of Illinois offer seed selection guide (AgriNews)

SGS presents webinar: "How optimized SNP genotyping arrays are changing the plant breeding and genetics sector"

Stine LibertyLink GT27 soybeans, Motif brand herbicide pair up to create new options for soybean growers

Bayer to launch Project Carbonview, an industry-first digital carbon footprint measurement solution for agriculture
Bayer startet Project Carbonview, die branchenweit erste digitale Lösung zur Messung des CO2-Fußabdrucks in der Landwirtschaft

United Kingdom - Brassica & Leafy Salad Conference speaker announcement

Seminis to showcase new varieties and Bayer to promote crop protection advances (FreshPlaza)

Meet the new Certhon - A changing world, a new position
Ontmoet het nieuwe Certhon - Een veranderende wereld, een nieuwe positie

Syngenta changes the agricultural landscape of Indonesia (The Jakarta Post)

Fórum técnico discute o setor de sementes no Brasil

December 7, 2021

Algeria: finally self-sufficient in tomato products? 
Algérie : enfin autosuffisante en dérivés de tomate ?

CRISPRing the microbiome is just around the corner - Researchers find ways to edit genomes of microbes growing in a community of different species

Feltrin Sementes - Treinamento de Produtos

Corteva Agriscience's Inatreq active approved in Serbia

Mexico’s seed producers honor CIMMYT work to breed and spread high-yield maize

China - Market overview: alfalfa hay and other forages

Semences LG - Résultats d'essais tournesol

Australia - Use Seed Force's handy selection guide and see which sub clover is best suited for you

La Pandi, el proyecto de Sakata que fomenta la alimentación saludable en los colegios, recibe el premio Naos en Madrid

Saatbau Germany’s soybean initiative - New oil mill in Nuremberg

Saatbau Linz - Top Körnermais-Ergebnisse vom Machland ins Mostviertel bis nach St. Pölten

The Philippines - Nueva Ecija is the first province to enact ordinance on truthful labeling of rice

Treble success on the PGRO Descriptive List for Limagrain beans and peas

IWGSC to organize a webinar entitled "Evolution of recombination landscapes in diverging populations of bread wheat"

New book narrating India’s millet tale available in stores now

Le catalogue betteraves sucrières 2022 de Florimond Desprez est disponible

Bayer Vegetable Seeds, Nederland - Speedella en Radiance in de herfstteelt

Bejo Samen GmbH - Sorten-Highlights, Saison 2021/2022

Production de semences de carotte - Bejo produit des semences de carotte dans le monde entier



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