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November 25, 2022

Vilmorin-Mikado : Une gamme spécifique aux légumes d'industrie

Sprout breeding on the button - New varieties of Syngenta Brussels sprouts are proving better able to cope with effects of climatic changes and provide solutions to severe economic challenges facing growers

España - Bejo se estrena en las jornadas de campo de Almería con el pepino Akasya (Portagrano)

Pakistan - Government criticised for delaying wheat seed distribution (Dawn)

Sakata Seed Corporation's vigorous, interspecific hybrid begonia "Viking White on Green" now available overseas - Use of Argentina's genetic resources and contributing to biodiversity conservation through benefit sharing
大型の種間雑種ベゴニア『Viking® White on Green』海外で販売開始 

Transformation et commercialisation du Violet de Galmi : Après l'obtention de l'Identification géographique, le célèbre onion violet du Niger cherche à se structurer pour conquérir le monde (Le Sahel)

France - Association générale des producteurs de maïs (AGPM) - La filière maïs pleine d’inquiétudes pour 2023 (La France Agricole)

Vietnam seeks IRRI's more support to agriculture sector (Vietnam+)

Canada - AC Metcalfe drops off recommended list as new malting barley varieties gain market share (RealAgriculture)

York University professors create device that could revolutionize assessing plant health (CityNews)

Small Robot Company launches Tom V4: Next generation monitoring robot

Neues aus der Zuckerrübenzüchtung

Luminex licensed technologies partner spotlight: Wageningen Prime Diagnostics (SelectScience)

Syngenta Protección de Cultivos anunció el registro de la tecnología Plinazolin en la Argentina y establece un nuevo estándar de innovación en el
control de plagas

Spread of verticillium wilt on oilseed rape in Canada

Feltrin Sementes - Treinamento de Produtos: Alfaces Americanas

Young CIMMYT scientist receives 2022 Japan Award for global research to combat wheat aphids - Elite wheat lines from the work are being freely shared with partners worldwide

New countries from Asia and the Pacific join "Seeds Without Borders" initiative

November 24, 2022

Fully funded 4 year PhD project at University of York, in collaboration with Tozer Seeds, to uncover immunity gene networks conserved across crops

Syngentas majssorter sætter standarden for både udbytte og kvalitet

Phytosanitary regulations ensure viable seed industry - Using science-based processes, the South African National Seed Organisation (SANSOR) monitors global phytosanitary regulations to ensure the effective and continuous movement of seed

España - En busca de Fans del brócoli (Portagrano)

Découvrez la gamme de variétés Lemaire Deffontaines pour le printemps

Developing new groundnut varieties to boost farmer incomes in Telangana

Long-standing partners in sweetcorn and green vegetable production, Euralis and Bonduelle sign a partnership to create a new pulse sector
Euralis et Bonduelle signent un partenariat pour la création d’une filière légumes secs

DLF-avlermøder - december 2022

Nederland - Nieuwe aanbevolen rassen van cichorei

Great crops the reward for South Australian onion growers

Genetic duplication governs nitrogen fixation symbiosis between legumes, bacteria

BASF nombra a Patricio Fitz Simon nuevo director de la División de Soluciones Agrícolas en España



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