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May 28, 2020

Portraying microbial beneficence for ameliorating soil health and plant growth (Soil Health)

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University scientists have discovered a way to increase wheat immunity

Con un blend de variedades, logran el equilibrio entre rendimiento y calidad - Técnicos del INTA impulsan la combinación de DM Ceibo con Baguette 450, dos variedades de trigo, para aumentar el contenido de proteína y gluten. Se trata de información clave para plantear la campaña con un producto que surge como una alternativa de comercialización

IITA scientist develops a cheaper and faster tool for identifying whiteflies

May 27, 2020

How to ensure quality wheat: check for sulfur in the soil

Plant science discovery may help treat allergies and immune deficiencies - A Texas A&M AgriLife study sheds light on the first steps of immune defense against microbes

May 26, 2020

From genome editing to insects: Food System Innovations – and how to get there
Van genome editing tot insecten: Duurzaam Voedselsysteem – en hoe daar te komen

Exchange of arms between chromosomes using molecular scissors
Arme zwischen Chromosomen mit molekularer Schere ausgetauscht

May 22, 2020

United Kingdom - Syngenta's new seed treatment option for barley shown to boost root growth and yield

Trigo: cómo manejar la fertilización desde el arranque

May 20, 2020

Less water could sustain more Californians if we make every drop count - As climate change and population growth make drinking water costlier, here are six strategies to quench the state’s thirst without busting its budget

Tip voor de tweede snede: Houd de bloeistengel in de gaten

India - A technology that allows farmers to sow paddy seeds directly could be a solution to shortage of migrant transplantation labourers during lockdown (The Indian Express)

CRISPR-Cas12b/C2c1 tested in targeted mutagenesis of a dicot

May 19, 2020

Game-changing technologies to transform our food systems

May 18, 2020

Saiba como fazer o tratamento correto de sementes de soja

Plant biologists discover simple principle of plant responses to hormone
Plantenwetenschappers ontdekken aan/uit knop voor reactie van planten op hormoon

Scientists discover mutation that enhances plant defense

Improving the diet of livestock for healthier herds in Sub Saharan Africa

UK study shows promise for drone fungicide applications

May 15, 2020

Webportal für BRIDGE-Projekt: "Wie im Online-Shop"

New functions of a protein may improve biocontrol methods in sustainable agriculture  - The study has been conducted at 'BacBio', a laboratory of the University of Malaga that specializes in the research on bacteria-plant interactions

Research shows fungicides effective in fighting Fusarium wilt of watermelon

CRISPR plants: new non-GMO method to edit plants

May 14, 2020

De stand en ontwikkeling van de uien

Persistence of forages is dependent on harvest intervals

Bayer utilise des jumeaux numériques pour optimiser sa stratégie commerciale (Blog Arc Optimizer)

Traceback technology gaining ground in the greenhouse (Greenhouse Grower)

May 13, 2020

Soybean seeding rates and risk

Trigo: con fertilización desde la semilla, hasta 600 kilos más de rendimiento (Paralelo 32)


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