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December 2, 2020

México - En riesgo algodón por falta de semilla transgénica (La Prensa)

Cristobál Uauy: El científico chileno que revoluciona la genética del trigo

December 1, 2020

Irish Seed Savers Association aim to save Irish seeds (Irish Tech News)

Is a united seed sector possible in Canada? Finding modernization, value creation and synergy in a streamlined seeds agency (CountryGuide)

New technology coming to seed traits (Successful Farming)

How Africa can become the breadbasket of the world (Farmers Review Africa)

Swiss GMO ban: 'What are we afraid of?' (swissinfo)

Brasil - Biossegurança no uso de OGMs é debatida em webinar

Canadian Seed Trade Association thanks the Government of Canada for expanding labour access to include seed corn

November 30, 2020

Brasil - Produtor, comprador e sementeiro discutem mercado de soja convencional em Mato Grosso

France - Ensemble pour soutenir notre agriculture - L’Union Française des Semenciers s’associe  aux acteurs de l’amont agricole et soutient leur démarche de communication positive

France - Les maïsiculteurs «fâchés» de l'ouverture aux importations de Semences ukrainiennes (ZoneBourse)

Fighting malnutrition through the lens of pearl millet (GhanaWeb)

Globalisation and Seed Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa

KWS: digital transformation in procurement - Peter Hagenow, Head of Strategic Procurement at KWS, discusses the digital transformation of the procurement function at his organisation (Supply Chain)

November 27, 2020

The tiny parasitic wasp that saved an industry - Before chemical pesticides were invented, farmers relied upon local predators to control crop-devastating pests for millennia, but now the practice is getting a modern revival (BBC)

Can we harness a plant’s ability to synthesize medicinal compounds?
Plantas genéticamente modificadas que producen grandes cantidades de compuestos medicinales

ToBRFV, the top priority for the end of the year? (Tomato News)

Seeding a new market - The Indian seed industry, as a sub-sector of the agri-inputs industry, has been the most vibrant in terms of innovation and growth over the past four decades (The Pioneer)

CIOPORA strongly welcomes inclusion of the Community Plant Variety Right (CPVR) Regulation 2100/94 into the European Union Commission’s IP Action Plan

Existing guidance appropriate for gene editing assessment, says the European Food Safety Authority (Euractiv)

Canada - Grain code of practice expected by spring (The Western Producer)

What is gene drives about?

November 26, 2020

New seed varieties may offer advantages (Grainews)

Regenerative agriculture initiative seeks worldwide participation (Food Engineering)

Meet Natalie Kaiser, a scientist harnessing the power of potatoes through plant breeding innovation (Innovature)

November 25, 2020

Auf dem Weg zum Pan-Genom der Gerste - IPK Prof. Dr. Nils Stein, Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe Genomik genetischer Ressourcen, im Interview

Why would anyone die for a seed? New 'House on Fire' podcast looks at the race to save genetic diversity (World Economic Forum)

13 thoughts for seed selection (Successful Farming)

Ghana - Civil society organisations urge President not to assent to the Plant Variety Protection Bill (Graphic Online)


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