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June 5, 2023

Re-imagining rice, a crop that feeds the world (The Economic Times)

April 14, 2023

The second greener revolution can solve the global rice crisis

Go for hybrid seeds, rice farmers told

April 12, 2023

Can the Asian Rice Bowls keep up with the growing rice demand?

March 21, 2023

How new hybrid rice varieties are transforming the lives of African farmers

November 29, 2022

Er wollte die Welt verändern, doch sie veränderte ihn - Ingo Potrykus erfand vor über 20 Jahren einen Gen-Reis, der Millionen Kinder retten sollte (Republik)

October 19, 2022

“Don’t Pass the Rice”: Borlaug Dialogue to discuss options for improving rice productivity in the face of climate change

October 14, 2022

“Don’t Pass the Rice”: Borlaug Dialogue to discuss options for improving rice productivity in the face of climate change

August 25, 2022

Trends in rice research: 2030 and beyond (Wiley)

July 1, 2022

In 10 years, CRISPR transformed medicine - Can it now help us deal with climate change?

June 6, 2022

A climate-smart remodeling of South Asia’s rice-wheat cropping is urgent - Multiple studies show conventional farming practices degrade soils, deplete aquifers and feed rampant greenhouse gas emissions

April 7, 2022

Modern crop improvement takes a historical approach

March 28, 2022

How can Southeast Asia stay as a major rice exporter?

March 25, 2022

Southeast Asia must close yield gap to remain a major rice bowl

January 27, 2022

Seed collecting, conservation and collaboration in West Africa

November 9, 2021

O crescimento do arroz no Brasil tem muito da pesquisa da Embrapa

November 1, 2021

Field Story: Reducing farmers’ risk through the flood-tolerant BINA Dhan-11: a reflection on rice varietal introduction and farmer-led validation in Uttar Pradesh

October 18, 2021

Stakeholders intensify call for increased domestic rice production on the African continent to meet the ever-increasing demand

October 15, 2021

“Golden Rice” tastes, smells like regular rice, but more nutritious

July 27, 2021

Will Filipino farmers plant Golden Rice? (Business Mirror)

June 22, 2021

Africa can be self-sufficient in rice production

June 2, 2021

Yuan Longping, el «padre del arroz híbrido» que acabó con el hambre en China

May 24, 2021

After COVID-19: Where next for Climate Resilient Agricultural Development in the Global South?

“Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping’s Legacy: An agricultural innovation that helps feed the world

May 14, 2021

Golden rice can provide significant and sustainable vitamin A in the diet of Filipinos

December 30, 2020

Why hybrid rice is not gaining popularity in Bangladesh (The Financial Express)

December 16, 2020

Bangladesh - Aman rice and seed sovereignty (NewAge)

November 20, 2020

The Philippines - Public comment period commences for commercial propagation of Golden Rice proposed by the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rice Research Institute

September 11, 2020

Science says yes: Experts defend nutritional benefits of Golden Rice in wake of anti-GM protests (Food Navigator)
Expertos defienden los beneficios del arroz dorado tras protestas contra los transgénicos (ChileBio)

May 20, 2020

Why GMOs? Biotechnology yields a drought-tolerant rice that conventional breeding couldn’t produce (Genetic Literacy Project)


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The History and Science of Plant Breeding

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