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April 16, 2021

Agricultural trade across US states can mitigate economic impacts of climate change

April 15, 2021

Mining the mother lode - Search tool uncovering new findings amongst the mountains of data

FFAR helps fund Colorado State University-led international effort to combat crop- destroying weeds

Embrapa Soja completa 46 anos apresentando Programa Soja Baixo Carbono

Breaking Ground: Natalia Palacios gets the most out of maize - From biofortification to cooking techniques, a CIMMYT scientist and her team test how to make this global staple as nutritious as possible

Artificial intelligence may help University of Florida researchers identify crop-destroying nematodes

University of Western Australia researchers discover the cause of devastating crop disease

April 14, 2021

Pinpointing pheromone production pathways in pests - Study shows aphids make key chemicals the same way plants do

Two independent studies on apples and pumpkins highlight the importance of the microbiome for health issues from crops to humans
Von Äpfeln und Ölkürbissen: Neues aus der Mikrobiomforschung

Re­search­ers de­term­ine why the spir­als in ger­bera in­flor­es­cences fol­low the Fibon­acci se­quence

Collaborative effort to combat crop-threatening weeds headed by Colorado State University scientists 

Scientists at Pittsburg State University convert soybean biomass into batteries

Genetic engineering 2.0: An on-off switch for gene editing (SciTechDaily)

April 13, 2021

European Food Safety Authority - Extension of the spatially‐ and temporally‐explicit “briskaR‐NTL” model to assess potential adverse effects of Bt‐maize pollen on non‐target Lepidoptera at landscape level

European Food Safety Authority is working to advance the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified crops to better protect butterflies and moths

Diverse nematode collection aids researchers - Collection enables major soybean cyst nematode discoveries to be made (Successful Farming)

USDA/ARS scientists focus on the future of soybeans

A new glyphosate resistance mechanism with similarities to cancer drug resistance

On-farm nitrogen management practices have global reverberations - A new meta-study confirms that nitrous oxide emissions can be reduced by boosting nitrogen productivity, crop yield and use of “4Rs”

New ‘Wheat Rust Genomics’ website launched

Far-reaching impacts of CIMMYT’s historic wheat training program - Alumni of the CIMMYT Global Wheat Program course reflect on the powerful learning experience

New Mexico State University students grow, study hemp cultivars on campus

April 12, 2021

Breakthrough in plant protection: RNAi pesticides affect only one pest species

For tomato genes, one plus one doesn’t always make two

The DNA of lettuce unravelled: in 6000 years from weed to beloved vegetable
Het DNA van sla ontrafeld: in 6000 jaar van onkruid tot geliefde groente

April 9, 2021

Investigadores del CSIC identifican el mecanismo que permite alas raíces de las plantas buscar la humedad en el suelo

Zhejiang University scientists discover that watermelons grow faster at night

Bacteria help plants grow better - Study by the University of Bonn may in the long term lead to new varieties that require less fertilizer
Bakterien helfen Pflanzen, besser zu wachsen

April 8, 2021

The best in AI appointed at Norwich Research Park

April 7, 2021

Illumina joins the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium



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