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July 1, 2022

ICRISAT-AGRA collaborate on drought tolerant crops value chain development

Une protéine efficace pour la recombinaison chromosomique

Borrowed gene helps maize adapt to high elevations, cold temperatures

June 30, 2022

Kenya - Scientists targeting innovative products to promote sorghum

Argentinian scientist Raquel Chan: Discovering the gene behind GM wheat

June 29, 2022

Climate change is making plants more vulnerable to disease - New research could help them fight back

June 28, 2022

Finding a needle in a haystack: exploring the rhizosphere microbiota in barley

University of Delaware researchers and colleagues report progress on producing food without sunlight

2022 Women in Triticum award winners

Striving for the best seeds – SNP genotyping with Fluidigm microfluidics and the Assist Plus

June 27, 2022

Five year, £12M research programme to look at net zero and more - AgZero+ brings together farmers and scientists to tackle issues at scale

Scientists are pursuing flood-resistant crops, thanks to climate-induced heavy rains and other extreme weather (Inside Climate News)

June 24, 2022

Semillas Ramiro Arnedo inaugura en Calahorra un complejo en el que ha invertido 5 millones y emplea a 160 trabajadores (Europa Press)

Genetic relationships and genome selection signatures between soybean cultivars from Brazil and United States after decades of breeding (Nature)

June 23, 2022

Otto-Hahn-Medaille für Cristina Barragán, Max-Planck-Institut für Biologie Tübingen

Novel chromosome engineering materials provide resistance to Ug99 for wheat breeders

A decade after the most important gene of fragrance rice uncovered

Ottawa and Quebec provide nearly $2 million in funding to stimulate research in the greenhouse sector

June 22, 2022

BASF partners with University of Alberta’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences on C$1.25M research project to tackle clubroot resistance in canola

AgroTwin, un gemelo digital de los cultivos intensivos para tomar decisiones inteligentes - AonChip, Universidad de Almería, Smart City Cluster y el PITA trabajan en este proyecto de cooperación para la innovación tecnológica y digitalización agraria

Low-glycemic, high-protein rice – The quest for a perfect food

Cold Plasma Newsletter 1/1 - Enhancement of specialty crop seed germination, seedling vigor, and pest management using cold plasma technology

Collecting a library of bee genomes

Galvanized leaf storage proteins serve as a nutrient lifeline for maize under drought, recent study says

June 21, 2022

Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) launch legacy site on 2016-2021 collaborations

Towards an environmental assessment of bio-based products

University of Nebraska–Lincoln research team leads effort to help sorghum defend itself from aphid attacks

Winter honey bees show resistance to a common insecticide

June 20, 2022

Ciencia de semillas desde el edificio del PITA de la Universidad de Almería (Portagrano)

Wissenschaft zum Anfassen - Das IPK Leibniz-Institut hat am 18. Juni seine Türen geöffnet



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