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November 27, 2023

LSPB varieties give growers top choices in the new AGDB 2024/25 Recommended and Described Lists for winter oilseed rape

United Kingdom - Limagrain varieties top the 2024/25 AHDB Recommended List

United Kingdom - AHDB launches the online edition of the Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) 2024/25

November 22, 2023

Orobanche rameuse du colza : Terres Inovia investit dans la recherche

October 19, 2023

United Kingdom - Following a winter oilseed rape failure, Hyvido hybrid barley is an excellent fit

October 3, 2023

United Kingdom - Corteva 2023 OSR Survey results and findings

September 25, 2023

Rapsfläche in Deutschland erneut deutlich über 1 Mio. Hektar

September 21, 2023

Terres Inovia en force au congrès international sur le colza à Sydney

September 14, 2023

Consulte el Catálogo 2023 de colza de Semillas LG en su nueva web (Agrodigital)

September 12, 2023

LS Plant Breeding temperature data shows that September drilling is still a good option for oilseed rape

Vegas tops AHDB winter oilseed rape recommended list (The Scottish Farmer)

September 4, 2023

United Kingdom - High vigour DSV Duplo is perfect choice for later drilling oilseed rape

August 30, 2023

Oilseed rape varieties DSV Beatrix CL and Matrix CL top latest NIAB Clearfield trial results

August 29, 2023

Mit Syngentas frohwüchsigen Raps-Sorten spätere Saattermine meistern

August 24, 2023

Les indispensables conseils pour mener le colza à sa réussite (Le Sillon Belge)

August 23, 2023

United Kingdom - The winning position of LS Plant Breeding's Vegas in Agrii’s comprehensive trials for 2023 and 2022 reinforce its leading position on the AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended List (RL)

United Kingdom - The first ever Recommended Lists (RL) oilseed rape verticillium stem stripe data has been released

August 22, 2023

United Kingdom - New candidate oilseed rape DSV Dolphin still topping AHDB 2023 harvest results

August 18, 2023

RAGT Saaten - Mit Rapssorten Humboldt und Cadran in der Gold Edition gibt es zur disjährigen Aussaat zusätzlich zur Sortenleistung eine Auflaufvericherung und Biostimulanz ohne Aufpreis

United Kingdom - DSV Dolphin winter oilseed rape adds strong verticillium performance to high yields in AHDB trials

August 17, 2023

RGT Kanzzas tops the trials tables

Raps braucht ein feinkrümeliges, abgesetztes Saatbett (Proplanta)

August 14, 2023

Rapsanbau 2023 – 8 wichtige Fakten

United Kingdom - DSV oilseed rape varieties showing their true potential in early AHDB results

Rapsanbau in Deutschland: Züchtung gefragter denn je (Top Agrar)

August 11, 2023

Rapsanbau 2023 – 8 wichtige Fakten

LS Plant Breeding's Murray winter oilseed rape brings ace results for oilseed rape growers

August 9, 2023

Kies voor opbrengstzeker koolzaad - LG Seeds Nederland

Thriving in Ireland – How oilseed rape has found its place in the Irish rotation

August 8, 2023

Maximizing farmer benefits with new agronomic practices: Rapeseed’s versatility and beneficial plant associations



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