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GenZ Technology spraying equipment

GenZ Technology: efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment

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March 1, 2014

In the past 50 years little has changed with the ineffective, wasteful way agricultural pesticides are sprayed. Today’s outdated spraying equipment routinely causes drip, splash and drift problems resulting in billions of dollars lost annually by growers who are unable to spray effectively.

Our vision at GenZ is to revolutionize the multibillion dollar pesticide spraying industry by engineering more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment. Based in Boise, Idaho, GenZ develops ground-based spray equipment designed to:

  • Improve crop coverage
  • Increase growers’ yields and profits
  • Optimize chemical recapture
  • Reduce pesticide costs
  • Minimize chemical waste and pesticide drift

Visit our website: www.genztechnology.com/


Updated: May 11, 2014

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