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GDM continues to grow in the South African soybean genetics market - Through the DONMARIO brand, the group will launch cultivars that will boost crop productivity
GDM consolida su posición en el mercado de genética de soja en Sudáfrica - A través de la marca DONMARIO, el grupo lanzará cultivares que impulsarán la productividad en los cultivos

March 6, 2023

>> GDM consolida su posición en el mercado de genética de soja en Sudáfrica - A través de la marca DONMARIO, el grupo lanzará cultivares que impulsarán la productividad en los cultivos


GDM, one of the largest multinational plant breeding companies responsible for 41% of all soybean seed production worldwide, has taken another important step toward internationalizing its operations. With the approval of new soybean technologies in 2021, the company started registering 13 varieties from Brazil. Three are scheduled to launch later this year due to the agreement between GDM and commercial partners. Such an initiative will leverage the expansion of the company's genetics in this territory.

According to The Business Leader for Africa, Asia, and Europe, Thiago Schwonka, this action will boost the sustainable development of South African agribusiness. As part of GDM's strategy for the country, the company has invested in the R&D program to generate new varieties and expand its portfolio. In this initiative, producers will have access to more technology and better performance, which will gradually increase productivity in the field, thus increasing South Africa's role in the global production of oilseeds. "This is a game changer in this market, and we expect to launch two varieties of soybeans per year. We will increase the productivity of South African crops through the genetic potential of
our varieties, available through DONMARIO Seeds. Therefore, we will collaborate with the country's development", he says.

The executive also points out the possibility of pre-launching the first wheat varieties with GDM genetics already in the next crop. Since 2019, the company has been investing in the research and development of this type of cultivation in the country, and by 2027, the expectation is to get 20% share of this market. "Material that performs well in Argentina is also tested in South Africa due to similar latitude and climatic conditions. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the work with wheat and soybean harvested over the years is satisfactory".

In this last harvest, the company stood out as the leading provider of plant genetics in South Africa, and the goal is to expand market share in a territory that is constantly changing crops due to the appreciation of the soybean commodity and increased costs of corn, the main crop worked in the country. By 2027, the goal is to expand its participation in the soybean market. 

Focus on food security

The South African government has an extensive program to promote the installation of foreign (seed) companies in the country called the EPR (End Point Royalty), which encourages companies to invest in research and development programs and assists in the protection of the certified seed market, contributing to the food security of the population. GDM has supported EPR since 2019 as the initiative aligns with the company's vision of working across extensive crops in all relevant markets worldwide. "We want to collaborate for the development of the country with a broad portfolio of high-performance materials, from different cultures and to the various agricultural regions. We believe in the potential of our germplasm and how it can significantly impact South African crops, together with new technologies," Schwonka points out.

Excellence in research

Globally, GDM is a leading innovator in plant breeding; it provides germplasm for 41% of all soybean production in the world, investing heavily in research, development, and commercialization of many varieties and crops. Around $400 million was allocated to research in Brazil in 2022 alone. More than 1,200 employees are employed at the company worldwide, with more than 500 exclusively dedicated to R&D. A total of 64% of Brazilian employees are involved in R&D.

The company is already known as one of the world's leading providers of soybean genetics. For this, it seeks to deliver the most advanced to multipliers and producers to ensure productivity gains and profitability of its planted areas. GDM's breeding program intends to develop products with broad productive potential, producing more within the same location.

About GDM

GDM is a global group of plant genetic improvement that applies state-of-the-art technology to research, develop, and commercialize soybean varieties of maximum productivity and other extensive crops, generating several businesses that add value to the group's growth.

The company operates in more than 15 countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, and the United States, contributing to the continuous improvement of global agricultural productivity. The group invests a large number of human and economic resources in developing research and testing programs that result in varieties adapted to different environmental conditions, providing the producer with the best solutions for crops.

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Website: http://www.gdmseeds.com

Published: March 7, 2023


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