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Hollar Seeds

Hollar Seeds is a family owned vegetable seed company that has specialized in the breeding and development of cucurbits since 1950. Our exclusive global distributor network receives the professional and modern varieties you expect from a large company, with the personal customer service you receive from a small company.


A main season hybrid western shipper melon with superb flavor, thick flesh, a tight cavity, and high sugar content. The slightly oval fruit are firm and have a strong net. While it is not a monoecious hybrid, the size is consistently large and it should be tested when it is difficult for other hybrids to reach the proper size. It is resistant to Powdery Mildew and Fusarium Wilt races 0 & 2, and the plants produce a heavy set of uniform fruit.

Grand Slam

Grand Slam is a brand new Eastern Shipper melon that is slightly larger than Athena in Rocky Ford, CO. Results for this hybrid have been impressive, with one grower saying that Grand Slam is “the best in quality, sizes, flavor.” Purdue University found in its 2005 trials it yielded the highest in its group and ranked first in quality. The large, uniform fruits have very thick and firm flesh with good flavor and high sugar.


Gourmet will amaze you with its taste, texture, sweetness and aroma. These factors, along with high yield, make it the perfect roadside fruit stand item. Intermediate shelf life. Gourmet should be picked immediately upon ripening. It ripens very quickly and early in the season, long before other melons.


Courier is a main season Galia melon that boasts strong resistant vines that produce uniform, slight oval fruit. The exterior is a golden tan color and well netted. A Kentucky University Specialty Melon Variety Evaluation in 2005 reported that Courier had excellent yield, superior taste and sugar content with few culls.


Halo is a hybrid yellow Canary type melon. The vigorous vines are very productive and produce fruit that are bright yellow and uniform. The flesh is crisp and white, with brix 13-16 in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Halo has good size and great shelf life.


Robust is an orange flesh Ananas type. Flesh is soft and sweet. Robust can be shipped if harvested at the proper time. Tolerant to one strain of powdery mildew, resistance to Fusarium Wilt races 0 and 1. Compared to Sultan, Malak or Tania, Robust is earlier and has a higher total yield.

Visit our website at www.hollarseeds.com










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