Piga Seeds (Pinto y Gajardo S.A.)
Piga Seeds (Pinto y Gajardo S.A.)
Joaquín Rodríguez 7267
Macul, Santiago

E-mail: piga@pigaseeds.ia 
Tel: +56 2 379 5252 
Fax: +56 2 283 2524
Web site: www.pigaseeds.com 

Since 1965, our company has been providing quality services in seed production and other related services to seed companies: nursery, growouts, topcross, foundation seed production screening, maintenance. We work mainly in corn, sunflower, sweet corn and also vegetables: brassicas, solanaceas and cucurbits.
We do most our work on our homefarm and we contract hybrid production with our skilled growers in Chile's central valley,
Fifteen full-time agronomists and more than 80 people in total manage seed production.
Fully equiped processing and storage facilities enable our company to process 600 hectares of field crops and more than 200 hectares of vegetable seed production.

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